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The Foxfire Packet

The Foxfire Packet gives you in-depth information that can help you learn more about the disease of drug addiction and how to fight it, as well as how to educate your students about the dangers of drug usage.

To see previews of our DVDs, click here.

Included in the Foxfire Packet:

Cover Page
Foxfire folder with order form
The Story of Foxfire
Plastic DVD case containing:
DVD1 Video 1 – “Drug Strike Force”
This video brings attention to the problem of drug addiction. The local undercover Drug Strike Force Executive Director explains their operations, his experiences, and the different types of drugs coming into our area.
Video 2 – “How Drugs Affect Your Mind and Body”
This video is designed to hold interest in regards to drug addiction. The crime laboratory technician of the undercover Drug Strike Force shows and explains the different types of drugs, how they are used, and different things of which parents should be aware.
Video 3 – “Crystal Meth”
This video is convincing that drug addiction is a serious issue. The crime lab technician demonstrates the manufacturing of crystal meth with graphic displays and pictures of what this drug does to your body, as well as how all drugs have an adverse affect on our entire community.
DVD 2 Video 4 – “The Real Cost of Drugs”
This video creates a desire to avoid drugs. A recovering drug addict’s story about how the courts removed her only child from her forever because of continued drug use. This video shows and tells in the addict’s own words how for years she tried to overcome the addiction. This lady was on the Dean’s List, attractive, and had a high-profile job, but still the drug scene and her continued use caused her to lose her child.
Video 5 – “Story of Three Mothers”
This video shows the terrible results of drug addiction. A story winding through the lives of three different young men and how they lost their lives through drug addiction, as told by their mothers.
DVD3 Presentation and Informational Video
A presentation and informational DVD for ordering Foxfire packets, Foxfire bracelets, products, and additional Foxfire videos. Also information on how to schedule a speaker from our Speaker’s Bureau
Hanging plastic sleeve with individual pamphlets on:
- Marijuana - Club Drugs - Inhalants
- Cocaine - Hallucinogens - Heroin
- Steroids - HIV/AIDS  
A special card with local, regional, and national phone numbers to call for information and help
Order forms for additional Foxfire packets

We request a donation of $60.00 for each packet, plus $5.00 for shipping. All proceeds from the packets are used solely for by The Foxfire Foundation and are not used for profit.

If you cannot afford a $60.00 donation, please contact us and we will try to help you out.

Methods of Purchase

In the interests of keeping your financial information as secure as possible, we suggest using one of the following methods:

  1. You may order a Foxfire Packet via PayPal
  2. Or via mail by credit card, check or money order
    (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
    • To order by mail, please print the form below, fill it in, and include it in the envelope
    • Please do not mail cash

All orders of 10 packets or more will receive one of our Foxfire Bracelets.

Click on the link below to place an order through the mail.

Foxfire Packet Order Form


Click on the button below to place an order via PayPal.


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