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The Foxfire Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness, especially among the community's youth, that drug addiction is a deadly disease by intervening with educational resources and helping those who may be on the road to drug addiction.

As a student, you know the challenges you face every day. The Foxfire Foundation is committed to preventing the spread of drug abuse, especially though our children.

You're probably tired of listening to your parents and teachers always telling you what to do. You think you can handle everything. You think you know how to make the right decision, and you do; however sometimes it is very hard to make that “right decision” because of peer pressure.

Life is a series of choices and for each choice we make there is a consequence. This life is NOT a dress rehearsal. We only get one chance to do it right.

Even grown-ups make bad decisions, sometimes. As a young person, it's almost in your job description that you screw up, too. It's a time of learning about yourself and who you want to be.

You don't want to be an addict. You don't want your friends to be either. But you also might think that it's "just a joint" or "it's just once, what'll it hurt?" Another misconception is that if it is a prescribed medication, “it must be safe…” Wrong! Many prescribed medications are very, very addictive and if you try it “just once” you can become addicted to that drug. Remember you don’t know if you got the bad gene. One in every four people is affected by drug and/or alcohol addiction, in some way.

I want to tell you a little, true story. I volunteer one day each week at a long term treatment facility for women. One day a little girl walked through the living room, as I sat talking to some of the ladies. I said “My goodness honey, what are you doing here?” She said “I checked myself in.” Astounded I said, “How old are you?” since she looked to be about twelve or thirteen. She said she was nineteen.

Weeks passed and I was getting ready to speak to my son’s entire high school class of five hundred and fifteen boys. I asked this young lady what I should tell them, as I was just an old lady and they would listen to her more than me. She said, “You tell them that I never thought I’d bee a heroin addict. I went to a party and some of my friends were snorting heroin. They didn’t look like heroin addicts; they just looked like my friends; so I did it. You tell them that you can’t do it just once.”

Drug addiction is cunning devil candy. It can cause you to be addicted the first time you use it, or it can sneak up on you and grab you over a longer period of time. But make no mistake about it; it will get you, sooner or later. Suddenly you wake up one morning and the only thing you can think about is how you are going to get the money for that next fix. It robs you of your heart and soul.

I speak from experience here, I saw my son go from a fun loving, smart lovable man to a desperate man crying to his father and I and saying, “I am a f------ drug addict.”

So don't succumb to peer pressure. Some mistakes you can make - and you learn not to do them again. Those mistakes can make you a better person. Drugs are the mistake that can take away everything you love, everything you are, and everything you want to be.

Please, take a few minutes and go through the site. The more you learn about drugs and addiction the better you can help yourself and your friends.

Dangerous Drug Alert Dangerous Drug Alert
Provided by the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force:

While all drug are dangerous, there are certain drugs that are killing or seriously injuring many in our neighborhoods in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and your area.

Crystal Methamphetamine is being manufactured in super labs in Mexico and smuggled into this area. This Meth will fill in for addicts who used to cook up their own , but have now found it harder to purchase pseudoephedrine, since Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana have all passed laws restricting the purchase of products containing this ingredient.

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