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The Foxfire Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness, especially among the community's youth, that drug addiction is a deadly disease by intervening with educational resources and helping those who may be on the road to drug addiction.

As a parent, you probably think you know your child really well. "My child would never do that!" The sad fact is that they might. You know that kids don't always think things through or make the right decisions.

Unfortunately, one wrong decision can lead them down the wrong path. That's what this site is about. You need to educate yourself about drugs and addiction, and find out where to get assistance if, unfortunately, you need it.

As a significant other, you probably know your loved one well; you think you know what they'd do in a given situation. However, people, even grown-ups don't always make the right decisions. Most people don't think that bad things will happen to them, especially if they "only do it once."

If you have any suspicions or even if your loved one just has an addictive personality, read about drugs and addiction and share the information with them.

No one wakes up and says, "I think I'll be a drug addict." Remember, it's a disease...not a choice. Be vigilant and educate yourself.

Dangerous Drug Alert Dangerous Drug Alert
Provided by the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force:

While all drug are dangerous, there are certain drugs that are killing or seriously injuring many in our neighborhoods in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and your area.

Crystal Methamphetamine is being manufactured in super labs in Mexico and smuggled into this area. This Meth will fill in for addicts who used to cook up their own , but have now found it harder to purchase pseudoephedrine, since Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana have all passed laws restricting the purchase of products containing this ingredient.

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