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Clifford Wagner, Pres.
Carol Wagner, LSW, VP.
Curtis Robert Wagner
Paige Wagner Shelton
Regan Wagner Perlman

Scott Shelton
Lisa Stamm Wagner, Esq.
Dan Perlman
Billy Finke
Katie Ferris, MA

Michael J. Hammons, Esq.
William Hesch, CPA, JD, PFS
Klaude Kocan, D.C.
Tom Pendery CIC, AAI
Henry E. "Bud" Pogue IV
Eugene R. Weber, AIA
Robert E. Wohlwender, Esq.
Chris Caddell, Community Banker
Jim Liles, Ex. Director Drug Strike Force
Nan E. Littleton, Ph.D., Director of Mental Health, NKU
Jason Dudas, B.S., Program Director, C.P.C.

About The Foxfire Foundation

"I just want to be normal, Mom."

Our son, Chad, died of a heroin overdose on May 20, 2005. He was a wonderful person, a smart, talented man, and burdened with the disease of drug addiction. Since then, we decided to use the knowledge we gained from traveling this awful journey with Chad, to try to save others from entering the hell of drug addiction.

The Foxfire Foundation works to educate the public that drug addicts have a disease; the brain chemicals are so distorted that without the drug, the addict is living in a constant state of depression that few of us can understand.

The Foxfire Foundation is our son Chad's legacy. Thank you for visiting the site,

Cliff and Carol Wagner, and Family

The Story of Foxfire

Foxfire is defined as an eerie, luminous, phospeorescent light produced by decaying wood in the forest.    > Read more

Foxfire Accomplishments

Carol Wagner's spreaking engagements include:

  • Presentations to thousands of students from 6th grade level through a criminal justice class at Northern Kentucky University (NKU).
  • For a DEA representative in Elizabethtown, KY.
  • The Rotary Club in Ft. Thomas assisted by a representative from the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force.
  • Family members of women in a long-term treatment facility.

Foxfire Foundation has produced 7 videos, which run on the Northern Kentucky cable channels.

To date, there have been 5 anti-drug billboards displayed in Over-the-Rhine and by the courthouse in Cincinnati. We have another 7 waiting to be produced which will be placed randomly throughout the Greater Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky area, in the future.

Our billboard

Foxfire Foundation held an anti-drug, anti-violence rally under one of our billboards. This rally received very good media coverage by all 4 major local television stations.

Please help The Foxfire Foundation by helping us to educate more young people before they succumb to the dangers of illegal drugs.

Contact us today for more information or please donate funds or some of your valuable time to our cause.

Thank you.


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